Spotify beats Pandora in the music streaming world


If you love music you want to listen to the music you like, and also be able to find new music. They are many possible ways to listen to music; streaming music is a really popular method of doing so. Pandora is a pretty popular one that a lot of people use, but the one that trumps them all is Spotify.

Spotify is a great free music streaming device that allows the user to pick the songs they love and place them into a playlist. You can create as many fun playlists as your mind can desire, filled with different assortments of music. You can click on different artists that you enjoy and from there you can drag and drop song, albums, other playlists, and can discover new artists in the “related artists” section of the page. Spotify is also connected to Facebook so you can see the activity of your peers, their playlists, and their musical activity.

Spotify is amazing and should be used by all music lovers, so I give it a 5 out of 5.