TV Review: Daredevil Season 3

Netflix’s hit show comes back better than ever

Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in his old costume


Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in his old costume

by Marcus Realing, Staff Writer

It’s been over two years since Season 2 of Daredevil was released on Netflix. Every Marvel Netflix show released since then ranged from mediocre to awful, overall not living up to the extraordinarily high standard Daredevil Season 1 set. However, now that Daredevil season 3 has been released, that standard has finally been met, and even exceeded. With an exciting plot, some of the best characters in any superhero related media ever, and amazing action with high stakes, Daredevil Season 3 earns a 5/5.

The show revolves around lawyer Matt Murdock, who leads a double life as Daredevil. He faces Wilson Fisk, who is executing a plan to get out of prison and return to his former glory. Matt’s friends, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, are in Fisk’s crosshairs, and it’s up to Daredevil to stop him. While it does start off a bit slow, every moment in each episode serves a greater purpose for the story. It flows beautifully, and builds up quite a lot, leading to an explosive finale. The story is exceptional, and it’s definitely the best out of all the other Marvel Netflix shows, including the two previous seasons of Daredevil.

The characters are outstanding. This season has extremely intricate character development, especially for Matt Murdock and Karen Page. The acting is spectacular, with Vincent D’Onofrio (Kingpin) and Charlie Cox (Matt Murdock) especially shining. The casts performance allows for the many emotional moments in the show to have more leverage on the viewer.

Overall, this season of Daredevil is the best one yet. It stands out with its engaging story, compelling performances, and emotional tolls. It’s an absolute must-watch. You can check out the entire season on Netflix.