TV Review: Handmaid’s Tale

One of the best shows to hit 2017

by Taylor Key, Staff Writer

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, a new television show about a dystopian American society, was released on April 26, to the rave-reviews of critics. Based off the 1985 best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, the show is a speculative fiction horror story that takes place in a not to far off fictional society. Released by Hulu in late April, the show is one that you can enjoy without having read the book. With a great plot and even greater characters, it is a solid 4/5 .

Perhaps one of the most pressing, and brilliant, points of the show is how close to home it hits. Taking place in a totalitarian-America, now known as Gilead, where society has recently reverted to following the first chapters of the bible.  Women are the inferiors to their male counterparts, and due to widespread infertility, a social class known as Handmaiden’s is created in order to procreate in the place of the elite-classes ‘barren’ wives. While the premise of it all may seem far fetched, the process of how it progressed isn’t. With the pressing amounts of injustices in the world and  changes to the political sphere, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ allows a scary glimpse into an America that has turned their back on those in need.

Isn’t just the plot that makes the show enjoyable. The protagonist, a handmaid named Offred, is a huge driving force of the shows integrity. While at time her choice are questionable, it does not make her any less likeable. Elizabeth Moss’ portrayal of her is incredibly realistic, and one cannot help but have a great deal of empathy for the horrid situation Offred has been forced into. And, despite the ever present dark atmosphere, she still manages to bring about a sense of wit and humor forged in the face of adversity. While it’s difficult to understand everything she does, it’s clear she has a goal of freedom in mind and the pressing realities of her world have yet to break her fighting spirit. Like her or not, you cannot help but hope she does succeed.

The show is also built up by a strong cast of supporting characters. From the Moira, the ever resilient best friend of Offred, who brings a fight with her every step of the way, to Serena Joy, the wife Offred is to have children in place of;  the majority of the cast is solid and helps further build the world around Offred. With every new episode, it is more and more clear that even the people in the positions above Offred are struggling with the way their world is now. Such honest portrayals of the characters and their struggles adds several more levels of depth  to an already deep show and is one of the most heart jerking attributes.

All in all, the Handmaid’s Tale may just be one of the best shows of the year, and certainly does the amazing book due justice. Although it is only accessible at this time on Hulu, it is definitely worth a watch.