What’s worse?

Nine things to worry besides the coronavirus


Rachel Oliver

Nine things that a student should spend more time worrying about than the coronavirus.

by Jharna Kamath, Reporter

With the fear of a new respiratory disease sweeping the globe, it is easy to get anxious. However, with the closest case to Leander occurring in Arizona, here are some things that, to a student here, should probably be more worrying than getting infected with the coronavirus. 

1. The Talent Show

“The most stressful but fun thing in my life right now is the talent show,” senior Jordan Su said. “I am one of the four emcees this year, and I think that planning what the show is going to be like is the most stressful.”

2. Clowns

“Clowns are very scary, and they can fit so many of them in their cars,” junior Logan Gier said. “They also have massive feet.”

3. College Applications

“I’m most worried about what I’m going to do when I get into college,” junior Izzie Rodriguez said. “High school is hard, college is going to be hard and I don’t know how to choose exactly what I want to do.”

4. Grades

“My anxiety mostly comes from getting good grades,” junior Brooke Schroeder said. “I want to get good grades so I can be successful in the future.”

5. AP Tests

“I’m stressed about AP tests,” junior Edward Speer said. “I’m taking two for classes I’m not even in and that makes me a little nervous.”

6. Losing Motivation

“My biggest worry in life is that my lack of motivation will hinder me from further success,” junior Catherine Hoang said. “Although I would like to change it, habits are getting harder and harder to establish.”

7. Underachieving

“I’m scared of not being able to do anything,” junior Bianca Schutz said. “I’m overwhelmed with school and soccer and clubs, but I’m terrified of failing at any and all of those. There’s so much going on right now, but I don’t want to give up and have my GPA drop or not deserve my spot on varsity or not get my hours done.”

8. Sports

“I’m worried about not being able to perform well in track this season,” junior Emily Hamsa said. “I put in a lot of effort and time, and I care about how I do, so not being able to perform and compete at a high level would be really frustrating and like my hard work got me nowhere.”

9. Losing time

“What worries me the most is probably the thought of not enjoying or making the most of the time that I have as a kid or teen,” junior Kayla Gillen said. “I don’t want to look back and feel like my time was wasted. I really only have one time, and I want to be sure I focus on what is important in life, and to me, that’s my experiences and the relationships I share with people.”