Baseball Ends with 19 Inning Game

by Caroline Cravens, Staff Writer

The Lions ended their season against Hays in the third round of playoffs. Their first game against Hays lasted for 19 innings and the Lions won 4-3.  The two following games were rough because the team was so tired, and, unfortunately, were unable to win.

Friday’s game lasted 5 hours, and exhausted the team. The other two games on May 10th ended in losses; 6 to 1, and 11 to 1. However, the 19 inning was a good note to end on for the Lions.

“That was probably one of the best baseball games I’ve ever been a part of,” senior Josh Money said. “It was just such a tightly matched game; two teams that had a lot of equal strength.”

The 19 inning game was intense and the players had to maintain their focus as best as possible. Seniors Zack Noska and Reese Richey both agreed that the team had a lot of support from the crowd.

“It’s just hard to play baseball for that long and stay focused,” Noska said. “but at the end we really pulled through and conquered the task.”

Throughout the game, the team stayed strong and played hard.

“I had a few diving catches, couple of game-saving plays, and it was also a great team effort. We also had a lot of support from the fans. A lot of our friends came and supported us throughout the entire game so that was really nice to see,” Richey said. “It was nice to have our last home game and a win like that, but overall of course we wish we could’ve gone further in the playoffs.”

The Lions had a fantastic season and are thrilled about how far they made it and how much they have accomplished.

“We did a lot more than most people thought we would be able to do, going two rounds in the playoffs,” Money said. “So we were really proud of how we did this season.”