Undefeated away from home

Baseball wins against East View 11-0


Danielle Bell

Senior Jacob Pool hits a triple during the fourth inning.

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

The varsity baseball team had a huge win last night against East View. The boys crushed the Patriots with an 11-0 score and no errors. This season, the varsity team has been undefeated in all of their district away games.

The last game at home was a close game against Marble Falls and the team lost 7-6, but this week they came back with a win.

“Maybe us traveling on the road we get to get away from everyone and just focus on the game a little bit,” senior Andrew Alaniz said. “It has helped us out, but I mean we’ve always had success at home so I’m not sure why we’re having trouble this year. I’m not worried about it though. We should be fine.”

In the first inning, the team scored four runs, and kept the game going in their favor. By the end of the second inning the score was 6-0 Lions. The score then went up to 11 during the third inning.

“The game went very well actually,” Alaniz said. “From the start of the game it just kind of clicked and we were all hitting. We were just hitting the ball hard and we were hitting it were they weren’t so when you do that it works out pretty well. It couldn’t have gone any better.”

During the fourth inning, senior Jacob Pool hit a triple. The pitcher threw a high outside fastball, then Pool hit it over the right fielder’s head to score him a triple run.

“I was early in my first two at bats, and I was just looking to see the ball deep in my last a bat,” Pool said. “It felt pretty good. It’s my first one of the year so it’s always good to get the first out of the way. The team did good last night, and hopefully we can get a few more wins and get in the playoffs.”

Even though it’s still early in the season the team is already has their minds set on playoffs. Playoffs start in May and the next game is April 17 at home against East View.

“We definitely have a good chance [at getting into the playoffs],” Pool said. “We just have to hit like we did last night; defense gotta be a little better in some spots, but our defense has been pretty solid all year. We just need some guys to step up right now and I definitely think that we can win. I definitely think we can do it.”