Lions Take on the Timberwolves


Siandhara Bonnet

Sophomore Dominique Sewell dribbles down the court against Cedar Park

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

The Junior Varsity Basketball boys faced a tough loss to the Timberwolves by Cedar Park squeezing by, winning by one point, 48-47. The Lions led for three quarters: 12-6 in the first quarter, 21-15 in the second quarter, and 34-30 in the third quarter. The Timberwolves made a comeback in the final quarter by scoring 48-47. Cedar Park came away with the win, but had to face a tough Lions team. The Lions next matchup is Marble Falls this Tuesday.

The Freshman Basketball Teams took on the Cedar Park Timberwolves January 9. The Freshman A Lions faced a tough loss to the Timberwolves 64-28. The game started close as the Timberwolves led the first period 13-12. The Lions faced a hard fought next three periods, but came up short.

“I think I did pretty good, I came off of an injury so for that I think I did pretty well and helped out my team,” Kyle Decker said.

The Freshman A Lions gained a few three pointers as well as a few from free shots from penalties made by Cedar Park.

“I think the team did pretty well after [we] kinda starting lagging off once the second quarter started,” Decker said, “halfway through that we kinda started to lag and started doing not as well, because the first quarter was 12-13 and then halfway through we lost the ball game. I think the offense ran pretty decently, could’ve done something different, overall I think we did decent”.

The freshman teams played hard throughout the whole game, but were cut short. The first quarter they kept it close, but they continued to face a tough Timberwolves team and faced some tough plays that changed the momentum.

“I think it was probably one of our best first quarters that we’ve played,” Coach McNeil said, “I think our challenge now is just trying maintain that level [of] intensity and effort and just keep playing that hard for the next two and a half quarters; that’s what we gotta do now we’ve played pretty well at the beginning of games, we have for the last two games, so we just haven’t finished as well”.

Now the Lions must prepare to go to Marble Falls and continue to practice hard.

“We need to improve our conditioning i think we can always be in better shape I think that’s one thing that’s gonna help us,” McNeil said, “I think that trying to continue to get confidence in practice, and keeping working and seeing the areas that we’re getting better at, I feel good about that, and obviously there’s things we need to continue to work on , but if we can see our areas of improvement a little now I think that can help us”.