Boys’ Soccer Ready for Rouse

Lions move forward at 3-3 in District


Claire Kyllonen

Junior Christian Vieira aims to kick to a fellow teammate in an attempt to make a goal in the second half of the Vandegrift game.

by Claire Kyllonen, Staff Writer

In a season filled with grit and determination, the Varsity Lions have held out their own in an effort to make it to district this year.

“Looking at them [the team], there are always things we can improve on, but there are also things we do really well,” junior Hector Carrillo said.

Carrillo suffered an injury during pre-season that prevented him from playing the position of keeper for the 2014 season. That hasn’t stopped him from going to every game and continuing to cheer on his teammates.

So far, the Varsity team breaks even with three wins and three losses.

“Our district record is better than last year by a few games,” junior David Uihlein said.

The Varsity team is  led by Head Coach Russ Girard and Assistant Coach Eric Sundheim.

When the Lions first played against the Rouse Raiders, they were not able to break their defense and lost the game with a final score of 0-3. However, the Lions are ready to take on the Raiders once again on their home field.

“We’re ready to go out there as a team and do our best,” junior David Uihlein said.

The JV Lions team continues through district, despite a game cancellation against the Vista Ridge Rangers and a tie against the Vandegrift Vipers. So far, the team has two wins and three losses on their score board.

The JV and Varsity Lions’ Soccer teams are scheduled to play against Rouse Friday, February 28 at Bible stadium. The JV game starts at 5:30 p.m., and the Varsity game starts at 7:00 p.m.