Lions overtake Marble Falls


Claire Kyllonen

Junior Dallas Sullivan intercepts the ball from Marble Falls.

by Claire Kyllonen, Assistant Editor

After battling out in a tie for most of the game, the Varsity Boys’ ended their game in a 1-0 victory, with Angel Garza scoring a goal within the final minutes. The team is now ranked 2nd in the district.

“It was mostly a relief when I made that goal,” Garza said. “We were frustrated and tense because the clock kept ticking, and there was no score on the board. When I scored, all of that tension went away.”

In preparation to play East View on Tuesday, Coach Girard says they will continue to drill, until they can take that first place spot in district.

“[While playing Marble Falls], I was so proud of them because they continued to persevere,” Girard said. “They never held their heads down; they never started arguing. They just kept pushing, together as a team.”

The Lions will take on East View at East View High School tonight starting at 7:15. Come out and support your Lions!