Club sports vs high school sports

Club sports are better than high school sports


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NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. There are 994 college soccer programs in the United States.

by Kyle Gehman, Staff Writer

Student athletes are what kids that play sports and are also students are called. The name implies that education goes before sports, but recently with school sports it has become the opposite. Almost every student at our school knows someone or is someone that is involved in a sport offered at school. It is a great way to represent your school, stay healthy and have fun with school friends, but club sports are the best way to participate in a sport that you are serious about in almost every way.

I play soccer and am currently on the club soccer team Lonestar SC and have been for about 8 years and while I can’t play high school soccer, in middle school I played sports like football, track and soccer. I’ve experienced both and playing club is so much better than school. One reason is the main reason you even go to school, education. Playing school sports requires you to have a class that is dedicated to the sport and is almost always double blocked in high school. This doesn’t allow you to take two academic classes that can give you numerous opportunities. Also school sports usually require you to miss class to attend games and tournaments, this can put students behind in their classes.

Club sports also give people better chances to further their career in their sport if they are serious about it. Looking at roster for the top universities for most sports, with the exception of basketball and football, usually contain players recruited through their club. Club sports can last around 9 months while school sports last around 2 or 3 which makes it harder for coaches to attend different games. Basketball college seasons and high school seasons start at around the same times so coaches struggle to recruit at this time. School sports you can’t be cut but in club sports there are numerous levels of teams so colleges aren’t as likely to watch a good player on a bad team as much as a good player playing with lots of other good players.

A downside to club sports is that they cost money, however, it’s worth it. You get more opportunities to showcase your talent and much better coaching. Your coaches are licensed professional coaches who are very good and qualified at their job. In school sports you might have a coach who wants more money so he takes another sport he might not know much about. I’ve had a coach that got the job because a family member played.

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