Coach Harper Bids Farewell


by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

Coach Clint Harper has served as Leander’s head football coach for four years since Steve Gideon retired in 2009. Now, he says farewell to his team as he heads off to Marshall High School, his alma mater, as head football coach.

“My seven years here, I cherished my seven years,” Harper said. “They’re seven of the best years I’ve had in coaching with great kids, great faculty and staff; I will always cherish my time here at Leander.”

Harper grew up in Marshall, Texas and graduated from Marshall High School. He hopes to turn around the struggling football program and make it as good as Leander’s.

“It’s where I’ve always wanted to be and I have no desire to go anywhere else other than Marshall, Texas,” Harper said, “so, Marshall, Texas will be the last coach’s stop in my career.”

Harper hopes to teach kids  how to work hard, play hard, and how to win at Marshall. The kids he has taught are actually one of the things he will miss the most from Leander.

“It was tough when I had to tell the kids I was going to be leaving them to go somewhere else,” Harper said.

Students will also miss Harper very much.

“Thanks for all you’ve done for the program!” Eric Mancilla, sophomore, said.

Students wish him the best of luck at Marshall.

“Thanks for being one heck of a coach!” Izac Cambre, sophomore, said.

“Good luck at your new school!” Tyler Lemons, senior, said.

“Beat Cedar Park,” were Harper’s final words to his Lions.