Freshman Red and Blue fall to the Vandegrift Vipers


Laynie Duplantis

Freshman Blue team faces off against the Vandegrift Vipers.

by Laynie Duplantis, Staff Writer

Both Freshman football teams fell to the Vandegrift Vipers at Bible Stadium on September 25. The score for the Freshman Red team was 15-0, and the score for Freshman Blue was 27-6.

“[We had] excellent blocking from the offensive line,” Red team running back Jason Ebbler said.

6 minutes into the 1st quarter of the Freshman Red game, Vandy took the lead with a safety. Not much later into the 1st quarter, Vandegrift secured a touchdown resulting in a score of 8-0. After that touchdown, no more advances were made in the 1st quarter. During the 2nd quarter, Vandy scored another touchdown making the score 14-0. The Vipers scored an extra point at the end of the 2nd quarter resulting in a score of 15-0. No other advances were made in the second half.

“[The] defense never let down.” Ebbler said.

During the first quarter of the Freshman Blue game, the Vipers scored a touchdown, but the 2 point conversion was not successful. Freshman Blue player Colton Davis was able to revive a 36 yard touchdown against the Vipers, but Vandy’s defense was too difficult for the Lions to secure another touchdown. Vandegrift was able to score another touchdown in the 2nd quarter and two additional touchdowns in the second half, resulting in a score of 27-6.

Next week is a bye-week, so Freshman will not be playing. Their next game is October 9, against the Cedar Park Timberwolves at Bible Stadium.