Freshmen Football Teams Dominate Marble Falls

by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

The Freshmen Red team won their last game against the Marble Falls Mustangs 27-0 on November 8th.

The game began with Marble Falls in possession, but about two minutes into the game, the Mustangs fumbled and the Lions recovered on the 22. Within ten seconds, David Dorsey ran the ball in for a touchdown. The Lions scored a two-point conversion making it 8-0.

“I had butterflies in my stomach. It was just a great feeling,” Dorsey said.

Under Mustang possession, the ball went nowhere. They punted to the Lions and the ball landed on the 22. In 30 seconds, quarterback Gabriel Sanchez scored a touchdown. The extra point was no good, 14-0 Lions. The quarter ended with an almost interception by the Mustangs and no other scoring.

A minute and 15 into the second quarter, Joel Miller made a touchdown. The extra point was good, 21-0 Lions. With eight seconds left in the quarter, Luis Garza scored a touchdown making it 27-0 for the Lions, and the rest of the game passed by with no scoring.

“I’m proud of us as a whole team, especially our coaches; they woke up every day to come out here and help us practice. We had a great last game against the Mustangs, and they were good sports and we finished hard,” Dorsey said.

“Out here were all family and we’re basically brothers,” Sanchez said.


The Freshmen Blue team dominated their final game against the Marble Falls Mustangs 46-0 on November 8th.

The first seven minutes of the first quarter went by with nothing happening until Chris Patek for the Lions scored. The extra point was no good, 6-0 Lions.

“I wanted to use the talents my heavenly father gave me, and I’m glad he’s given me the chance to use my talents and put it on the football field. I’m just glad I’m teammates with these guys; it’s been a great season,” Patek said.

With twelve seconds left in the quarter, Michael Berry scored a touchdown. The two-point conversion was good, 12-0 Lions.

Thirty seconds into the second quarter, the Mustang quarterback receives a bad snap which it made it third down with 22 to go. Thirty seconds after that and Thomas Vires for the Lions intercepts a Mustang pass. Three minutes later and the Lions scored. They went for a two-point conversion and received, 20-0. With 38 seconds left in the quarter, Matthew Long made a two-yard touchdown run. The two-point conversion was good, 28-0, and the quarter, and half ended.

To start off the second half, the Lions kicked to the Mustangs.  The Mustangs ended up punting the ball 30 seconds into the quarter, but ended up receiving it on the 34-yard line.  In the next minute, however, Tate Hancock intercepted the ball for the Lions and took it to the 27. With 6:51, Matthew Long made a 57-yard touchdown run. The two-point conversion was bad making it 34-0. Three minutes later, Long intercepted a Mustang pass after the ball had been tipped. There was a dead ball foul on the Lions which took it to the 35-yard line. With 49 seconds left in the quarter, the Mustangs were flagged with a passing interference which took the Lions to the 22 and a first down and 10 to go. With six seconds left on the clock, Long made another touchdown run. The extra point was no good, 40-0.

In the final quarter, no score was made until Tate Hancock ran 26 yards for a touchdown with 5:36 left in the quarter.

“It felt really good. I had some really good blocks and we just played well all around. Everybody did a great job,” Hancock said.

The extra point was no good, 46-0 Lions, which ended the game.

“It feels awesome,” Long said.

“It feels great. It feels great to go out with a win,” Hancock said.

“To have a 46 and 0 blow out with these teammates is one of the best feelings in the world. I’m just glad we got to experience it once this season, and I’m glad it was the last game,” Patek said.