Junior Varsity Continues Winning Streak


by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

On October 25 at 5:58 p.m., the Junior Varsity purple football team, a combination of the JV Blue and JV Red teams, kicked off to the Dripping Springs Tigers.

Within the first three minutes of the first quarter, the Lions scored but missed the extra point, starting off the game with a 6-0 score. The Lions punted, but the Tigers didn’t score until there was about a minute left in the quarter, 7-6 to the Tigers, ending the first quarter.

In the first few minutes of the second quarter, the Lions recovered a fumble and Ben Douglas, sophomore, scored a touchdown reception run, 12-7 Lions. With about half of the quarter to go, Joseph Sanchez, sophomore, made a 14-yard touchdown run, and Andrew Wheeler, sophomore, ran the ball in for a two-point conversion making it 20-7 for the Lions. A minute and 33 seconds left in the quarter, Jonathan McCarty, sophomore, intercepted a Tiger pass and was stopped on the Tigers’ 20-yard line.

“It’s not just me, it’s the whole team,” McCarty said. “Everyone’s doing great.”

Sanchez scored a touchdown, and Kylar Shelton, sophomore, took the ball to the end zone for a two-point conversion, 28-7, which ended the second quarter.

To start off the second half, the Tigers kicked to the Lions. 6:12 left in the quarter, Nico Cortes, sophomore, scored a touchdown. The extra point was good, and the rest of the quarter flew by with no score, 35-7 Lions.

In the first two minutes of the fourth quarter, the Tigers had a 27 yard pass touchdown. The extra point was good, 35-14 Lions. In the last two minutes of the game, Malik Abdul, junior, ran 71 yards for a touchdown. The extra point was good, and the game ended with a score of 42-14 Lions.

“I owe it to my offensive line and my offensive coordinators for calling the right plays,” Abdul said, “and my quarterback for trusting and believing in me and my receivers keeping their blocks. Yeah, it felt good.”

On October 18, the junior varsity teams played the Vista Ridge Rangers. The Red team won 52-7 and the Blue team won 38-7. Following their bye week, the Purple team will be going up against the Marble Falls Mustangs on Thursday, November 8.