Junior Varsity Ends Season with Perfect Record

by Siandhara Bonnet, Staff Writer

The Junior Varsity football Purple team, a combination of the Blue and Red team, won their final game of the season 27-21 against the Marble Falls Mustangs on November 8th.

The game against the Mustangs was the closest scoring game out of the Junior Varsity season for the Red team players.

“This team was easily the best team we’ve gone up against. They ran a lot stronger than a lot of the other teams. It was just a good game,” David Hebert, sophomore, said.

In the sophomores on the team, the feeling was angry because they had never been in a game where the score was that close (one touchdown). As the purple team, however, the boys came together really well in the past couple of weeks.

“I kinda didn’t expect us to do that because before that week, we had scrimmaged each other and there seemed to be a lot of bad blood going on, but I guess everyone just sucked it up and played as a team”, Hebert said.

“A win is always a win, and that always feels good,” Zaine Hopps, sophomore, said.

For the junior varsity team, things aren’t quite over. They don’t have any games, but during off season they’ll be working hard lifting weights, running, and hopefully next year they’ll go undefeated again.