JV/Freshman Football: A “Win-Win” Situation All Around

by Claire Kyllonen, Staff Writer

The Junior Varsity and Freshmen football teams have kicked off for a their 2013-2014 season. On Thursday, August 29, both the JV and Freshmen Blue teams secured victories against the Pflugerville Connally Cougars. The JV final score was 28-6; the Freshmen final score was 20-2.

In the Freshmen Blue game, the first points earned were by the Connally Cougars with 6:26 left in the first quarter; those would be their only points scored for the rest of the game. With 5:13 left in the first quarter, the Lions made their first touchdown by Jai Garcia, freshman. No scores were made in the second quarter. Later, with 2:52 seconds left in the third quarter Garcia scored another touchdown. Kyle Murdock, freshman, kicked for the extra point, ending the third quarter 13-2.

In the fourth quarter, with 3:19 left on the clock, a third touchdown was made; Murdock kicked another point after touchdown, securing a victory of 20-2 for the Lions.

The JV Blue team dominated their opponents as well with a final score of 28-6. One of the highlights was the fumble recovery for a touchdown played by junior Weston Smallwood.

“It was a turning point in the game, just that adrenaline rush. It turned all eyes to Leander,” Smallwood said.

In their upcoming games against the Pflugerville Hendrickson Hawks, assistant Coach Sundheim said they’re keeping their game plan simple, to just let the guys be aggressive and execute well.

“It’s all a team effort. Nobody stands alone,” Smallwood said.

Come support the JV Red team at 5:30 and the Blue team at 7:30 on September 5 at Bible Stadium, and your Freshmen Red team at 5:30 and Blue team 7:30 at Hawk Stadium!