Looking ahead

Football team begins spring season

A running back prepares to attempt a stiff arm on a defender. At this point they were practicing their running offense against the defense.

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

Alarm rings at 6 in the morning, the fresh spring air, 3 hours of bone crushing tackles and hundreds of passes thrown equals the beginning of spring season. The upcoming juniors and seniors have started their spring football practices to prepare for next fall when they move up to the 6A division.

“We’re hoping to get ready for the new district and the season up ahead,” sophomore quarterback Colt Davis said. “Our goals are to hopefully make it to playoffs and prove people wrong.”

The players and coaches alike hope to improve on last years 4-6 season in which they missed out on playoffs in the final game against Dripping Springs.

We want to get better and ready for next year so we can make playoffs.”

— Alex Williams

“Our team will have a different look and feel than last year,” Head Coach Tim Smith said. “We are still working on team chemistry and leadership. Our schedule is pretty tough. We will need to improve playing consistent at a high level.”

The practice starts at 6:30 AM and runs all the way through first period at 10. They work on various things in the practice, usually starting with more specialized positions and slowly lead into a scrimmage like game. Last Friday they also had a podcast on the track to talk about the upcoming season.

“We expect to win, so we practice fast and mean to make each other better,” sophomore linebacker Alex Williams said. “We want to get better and ready for next year so we can make playoffs.”

Anyone is welcome to come and watch in the stands on the home side. However, this year they won’t have their annual spring football scrimmage.