Lions Raided by Rouse


by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

The visitor side of the stadium was crowded with Leander Blue, and the Student Section was full. Posters reading: “Whose house? Not Rouse!” could be seen from the home side, where the Rouse Raiders lay in wait of their 24-13 victory over the Lions.

The Lions received the ball to start off the game. On the first third down with 11 to go, junior quarterback Brandon Hopp was sacked, causing the Lions to punt to the Raiders. Rouse kept getting first downs until they scored with 7:12 remaining in the first quarter. With the Lions in possession of the ball, it only took about three minutes to score with junior running back junior Darian McClatcher, making it 7-7. No scores were made for the rest of the quarter.

The second quarter began with the Raiders in possession of the ball. They get end up getting a second down with seven to go. The Raiders get stopped on the third down by the Leander defense and successfully attempt a field goal, 10-7 to Rouse. The kickoff return is received by senior Michael Lecaros on the 49-yard line. After a first down, Hopp was sacked for a loss of five yards at the 44-yard line. The Lions end up punting with 7:23 remaining in the half, but there was no further scoring.

In the third quarter, both team scored, but the Lions didn’t make the extra point, 17-13 to the Raiders. In the fourth quarter, although the Lions tried, they couldn’t stop the Raiders from making another touchdown that would be the ending score.

This week, the Lions take on the Vandegrift Vipers for Senior Night with kickoff at 7:30. Come support your Lions at home.