Lady basketball win defensive brawl

On Jan. 21 the Lady Lions displayed true grit against the McNeil Mavericks in a defensive brawl that got the fans into the game. In the fourth quarter battle, both the girls on the floor and the ones on the bench left nothing on the floor in the 40-37 win.

“The girls that were on the bench at the end of the game were just as tired as those on the floor. They were really into the game helping any way they could,” Jonathan Lamb, coach, said.

Sherryah Wallace had a great game as usual with 19 points. Casey McCauley also a strong game posting 11 points. Sarah Epley gets a lot of credit with some big baskets in the 4th, while Corinne Cisse hit a huge basket on a great find from Wallace.

Michelle Madrigal hit two pressure free throws to increase the lead, and the Lions held on. “We were able to get them out of their offense, and that made it very difficult for them to score,” Lamb said. The Lady Lions outscored the Mavs in the fourth quarter, 12-5 points.

“This is the most fun year I have had coaching a team. They work very hard and care a great deal about each other.  I think the McNeil game is a perfect example of that,” Lamb said.