Fresh talent in varsity girls’ soccer


Caroline Crone participates in varsity soccer as well as cross country.

by Claire Kyllonen, Assistant Editor

To her teammates, she’s an athlete of tremendous character whose skills are invaluable to the team. But for freshman Caroline Crone, she’s grateful to play the sport she loves.

“You can’t ask for more than what Caroline gives because she always gives 100%,” coach Ronny Michael said. “She’s selfless, always put the needs of her team mates ahead of hers.”

When Crone first tried out for high school soccer, she was shocked when she was sorted into the varsity team.

“I knew I would have to work harder to stay at the varsity level, but I was excited anyway,” Crone said.

It took Crone a while to adjust to the style of varsity playing, but team captain Xhesika Ceka says she’s fitting right in.

“She’s a phenomenal team player,” Ceka said. “Any time someone critiques her, she’ll take it in and improve based on what she’s being told. She’s a lot smarter on the field now in the sense that she reads the flow of the game better.”

Crone intends to continue playing soccer for her entire high school career.

“She’s got the right attitude,” Michael said. “She sees the big picture. She’s going to go far with that.”