Lions Win Season Opener

Lions defeat Pflugerville 21-7 in first game


Photo by Hailey Williams

On Aug. 25, senior Aidan Salazar runs the sideline at Bible Stadium. Salazar plays slot receiver for the Lions.

by Caleb Nyberg, Reporter

The first game of the season ended in a win for the Lions, beating the Pflugerville Panthers 21-7, This put the Lions record at 1-0 for the season. 

“[During halftime] we thought of Coach Harris,” senior Kyle Lavin said. “He’s always saying ‘who’s got the juice?’ and with that saying, I felt like that locked us in for the second half [of the game].”

In the first half, the Lions had a shutout defense which left the Panthers scoreless. During the third quarter, the Lions scored on a 32-yard run from senior slot receiver Kyle Lavin to make the score 7-0. Later in the third quarter, junior Aidan Parker made a catch in the end zone to make the score 14-0.

“[Scoring felt] pretty amazing,” Lavin said. “Seeing my teammates and fans cheering [me on], made me feel good.” 

Going into the fourth quarter, the Lions were up 14-0. Panthers would score early in the fourth quarter to make the score 14-7. Once the Lions got the ball back, sophomore Zane Woolridge caught a deep pass and ran it into the end zone for a touchdown, making the score 21-7.

“The game went really well,” junior running back Damien Stout said. “The defense had a [great] game, [but] I think the offense needs more positive drives and we will be a playoff team.”

The next game for the Lions will be away against Bastrop on Friday, Sept. 2 at 7 p.m.