Soccer’s American equality

The equality of the two sports in high school


Kyle Gehman

These are the two biggest sports in the US currently. The sport of soccer was first developed in China around 200 BC.

by Kyle Gehman, Assistant Editor

Soccer, or futbol, is a global sport that is deep in most of the world’s culture, but it hasn’t really become mainstream in America because of it’s inequality. Many people will argue America does love and accept it and that it is growing. However, many schools don’t even have soccer coaches, soccer programs in school are given a tiny budget and most major league teams don’t even have their own stadium.

Soccer needs to be given a better chance to be a major sport in America and people can’t try to slow that process down because soccer is “un-american”.

Stadiums around the world all have a history behind them, like Old Trafford in England has witnessed unforgettable Premier League titles and during World War 2 was even an arsenal for supplies. Stadiums are the second home of many fans and players, except for in the U.S. Many stadiums like the New England Revolution’s Gillette Stadium is used by a NFL team. Fans cheer in stadiums that have the wrong team colors and fields that are prioritized with football first. Also the players have to play on turf that is used for football and can be harmful to play on.

Many schools don’t even have coaches that have any experience in coaching or playing soccer. Running Brushy Middle School has a soccer coach that was picked to be a soccer coach because his wife plays indoor soccer. At high schools the JV coaches are sometimes football coaches who don’t have enough experience to help their players. Schools need to find coaches that have experience in the soccer field to help endorse the sport. Not coaches who picked the short straw

Soccer gets jerseys that are sometimes worn out and cheap. Meanwhile football gets chrome red helmets for everyone, no matter if they get used only once a game. While football does draw in the most revenue that shouldn’t mean it’s the only sport concentrated on. Despite this there shouldn’t be pep rallies for football when there aren’t for any other sport. There are other sports who compete and play against the same teams and usually do better, but they aren’t honored or celebrated at a pep rally.

Many people say that this is all because most Americans don’t like or play soccer, but during the 2014 World Cup final over 25 million people watched Argentina lose to Germany, and the US wasn’t even playing. The Women’s World Cup final between Japan and USA last summer got around 23 million views. These are bigger viewings than World Series games and the NBA finals in 2014. Also many football, baseball or basketball players and fans need to give soccer a chance and attempt to experience a game or watch one with soccer fans.

Soccer is a growing sport and as hard is that is to understand, people need to accept and give soccer an equal chance to grow into the mainstream of the United States.