Lady Lions conquer Vandegrift, defeat Cedar Park

Varsity softball is undefeated in district play


Jack Densmore

Senior Gabby Walton throwing from the outfield. In the Cedar Park game, Walton made a catch that forced Cedar Park out.

The Lady Lions are currently 3-0 in district play after defeating Vandegrift 13-0, and Cedar Park 3-0. The game against Vandegrift was moved to Monday due to weather conditions last Friday. Right off the bat, seniors Shannon Dodd, Gabby Walton and Hailey MacKay each hit singles, and Dodd scored the first run of the game against the Lady Vipers. Walton then scored the next run to put the Lady Lions 2-0 at the end of the first.

“I feel like we have surprised a lot of teams as well as ourselves with how well we have performed so far,” Walton said. “We have done a good job this year of really having each others backs, and lifting each other up when we are down. Our biggest goal right now is trying our best to finish each game strong and continue to score runs every inning and play solid defense. This year too I think we have a close group of girls and we have a lot more chemistry than we’ve had in the past.”

Dodd quickly hit another single to give bring the score to 3-0. Then, Walton got a single RBI to bring the lead to 4-0 at the end of the second. At the end of the third, the lead grew to 5-0, after a score. After a scoreless fourth inning, junior Abbey Orlich hit a single that resulted in another score by the Lady Lions, putting them up 6-0. Then, junior Mackenzie Catalina hit a double that helped Orlich score another run, stretching the lead to 7-0. After yet another run, Dodd hit her third single of the game that resulted in two scores, bringing the lead to 10-0, but the scores didn’t stop there, Walton hit another single that resulted in Dodd scoring her second run of the game. With bases loaded, Walton scored another run to bring the lead to 12-0. After the fifth inning, run rule was applied and the Lady Lions won 13-0 against Vandegrift.

Brie Damron making a catch from a foul ball against Vandegrift. The play forced out a Vandegrift player.
Jack Densmore
Sophomore Brie Damron making a catch from a foul ball against Vandegrift. The play forced out a Vandegrift player.

“We capitalized with runners in scoring position and put the ball in play,” Walton said. “We also had little or no errors on defense and our pitchers did a good job of hitting their spots. Which made it easy for their defense to make routine plays.”

At the start of the Cedar Park game, MacKay hit a single, but the Lady Lions were out in the first inning. It wasn’t until the sixth inning, that the Lady Lions would see a score, but each inning was eventful. Orlich hit two single in the 2nd and 4th innings, MacKay hit her second single in the 4th inning, sophomore Hailey Henderson hit her first single in the 5th inning, Dodd hit her first single in the 5th and Walton made a big catch in the outfield to get Cedar Park out in the 5th. MacKay then walked a run after bases were loaded and Cedar Park threw four balls, bringing the lead 1-0 in the sixth. Next, Catalina hit a double that allowed senior Kellie Jeanes and Orlich to score runs bringing the lead to 3-0. MacKay hit another single in the seventh, but the Lady Lions won 3-0.

“Right now I feel like I have been an important part of the game,” Catalina said. “I have a lot of confidence right now going up to the plate. I’m having a lot of fun.”

The Lady Lions will face Marble Falls today at home, at 7.