Lake Travis takedown


Jack Densmore

Senior Alper Orkun in the middle of a serve.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Two doubles pairs on the varsity tennis team got first place at the Lake Travis invitationals tournament. Seniors Bailee Higgins and Ashley Snieder got first place for girls-doubles.

“Well, aside from the exhaustion and massive sunburn I got, I was excited,”Higgins said. “It was the first tournament we had won together for that season.”

Higgins and Snieder played as doubles partners their freshmen year and now this year they were able to do that again.

“Ashley and I used to play doubles together freshman year,” Higgins said. “Now we’re both seniors and have that history together on the court. This tournament, you could really see that. My coach said this is the best he has seen us play in a while and I think I agree.”

Also seniors Alper Orkun and Joseph Rexrode got first place in boys-doubles.

“I was really happy with how I played,” Rexrode said. “Also, I was really excited thinking about how we would do in upcoming tournaments, because Alper and I communicated with each other extremely well. We think we really have a shot at making regionals this year.”

The Lions tennis team will continue their season with a game at Cedar Park on March 24th.