Tennis Loses Game Against Georgetown in District Tournament

Junior Varsity Prepares to Face Cedar Park and Pflugerville


Jack Densmore

Senior Alper Orkun in the middle of his serve.

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

The Lions varsity tennis lost a tough game against Georgetown this past week in the first match of the district tournament.

Girls-Doubles faced a series of tough matches against the Eagles when seniors Ashley Snieder and Bailee Higgins scored 7-5 in the first set and 6-0 in the second set. Senior Katie Lofton and junior Madison Flesner faced tough sets as they scored 6-0 in both the first and second sets. Sophomores Lauren Fuller and Alexandra Peterson also faced a tough match when they scored 6-0 in their first set and 6-1 in their second set giving Georgetown the win.

“I think overall we’ve gotten a lot better than especially at the beginning of the season, we’ve gotten a lot better,” junior Joseph Rexrode said, “but I think that in terms of results we haven’t done as good as we could have, but overall I do think the overall game of everybody has just gone up a lot.”

Boys-Doubles faced a series of close, hard-fought matches against the Eagles when senior Alper Orkun and Rexrode scored 7-3 in their first set and 6-2 in their second set with Georgetown claiming the win. Seniors Keaton Adcock and Kiefer Peckham faced a close match with a score of 2-6 in the first set, 7-5 in the second set, and finally a score of 7-5 in the final set giving the Lions the win.

“I definitely feel like I’ve played to my ability, but as always,  I always feel like I can do more,” senior Hector Carrillo said. “And there [are] just some things I could’ve done better and just things I should improve, but the thing is for me, this season I had a limited number of matches to play because I got injured like halfway through the season, but out of those matches I played well, but I could definitely improve.”

Mixed-Doubles faced a rough match against the Eagles when junior Adhithya Balaji and sophomore Emilee Scanlon scored 6-0 in both of their sets with Georgetown claiming the win.

G-Singles faced a series of tough matches when Lofton scored 6-0 in both of her match sets. Fuller scored 6-2 in her first set and 6-1 in her second set with the Eagles getting the victory. Sophomore Clara Benefield scored 6-0 in both of her match sets as Georgetown claimed three victories against the girls.

B-Singles faced a tough match when junior Luis Farias scored 6-0 in his first set and 6-1 in his second set with Georgetown claiming another victory.

“I definitely see how I play on my own as a person and different things that I can work on and some things I’m just not doing well either,” Carrillo said, “but definitely playing singles it’s a learning experience seeing how the other players will play against you and how they move, how they play and you have to adapt to that depending on how they hit the ball or how they serve, how quick they are if they like to play defensively or offensively it just shows you how fast you can learn and how much you can learn,”

The Lions faced a tough loss against Georgetown with the final score being 1-10 in favor of the Eagles.

“They have heart, they really do try and put everything out on the court as our coach would say,” said Carrillo, “and they do it every day in practices and matches even our coach knows that it’s difficult with all the teams we’re going up against this year but he still believes in us that if we put everything we can into it we can still go somewhere.”