Freshman B team wins against East View

Volleyball faces off against the Lady Patriots


Austin Graham

Junior Alyse Balderrama serving the ball during a match. This is a vital moment because the server could miss and a point would go to the opponent.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

Volleyball took on East View Friday night, October 23. It was a close game for both teams throughout all four matches with the scores mostly staying in the 20’s.

Varsity lost to East View, taking them into overtime in the third and not letting their score go below 20. The final score was 1-3 with the first set coming out to 20-25, the second set 22-25, the third set 26-24 and the fourth set 20-25.

The best thing about the game was how hard we worked and communicated.

— Amanda Larson

“We played really well the third game and took the set,” varsity player Callie Reed said. “The setters were connecting really well and we had a lot of energy.”

The JV team played similarly to the Varsity in the sense that their scores were high for both sets. They lost with a final outcome of 0-2. The first set was 21-25 and the second 22-25.

“The best thing about the game was how hard we worked and communicated,” freshman Amanda larson said. “The most amazing moment is when there was a ball shanked and Mikaela Noe ran and got it back into play Addy Grantham played it over. When it came back Lesley Hall spiked it back and got a kill.”

The Freshman A team lost, but won the first set of their game with an ending score of 1-2. The first set was 25-19, second 21-25 and third 23-25. The B team won their game with a sweep on East View. The final score was 2-0 with the first set being 25-14 and the second 25-19.

“Friday’s game was a little rough,” freshman Bailey Johnson said. “Unfortunately we didn’t get the win, but throughout the matches we still worked together as a team and always had a good attitude on the court.”

The Lady Lions next game will be tomorrow, October 27. The girls will be taking on Vista Ridge away at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.