MARBLE Will FALL: Varsity Volleyball vs. Marble Falls and Vandegrift

by Emary Greene, Staff Writer


  The Lady Lions entered round 2 of their district season this past Tuesday, October 8. They played the the Marble Falls Lady Mustangs in our home gym. During the first match the Lady Lions came out with a big lead due to numerous mistakes made by MFHS. However Marble Falls was able to battle back, gaining some points for themselves. The end score to the first match was 25-11. The second match had a different dynamic. The Lady Mustangs played a much better game, solidifying a few inevitable kills. On the Leander side of the court, sophomore Callie Reed had a great game offensively. In similar news, junior Callie Prather, setter, came off the bench to set in her first district game. The excitement from the fans erupted as she stepped onto the court. Prather had multiple assists during this match. The end score for the second match was 25-13. The third match was quick and painless. Junior Paige Ellison had a wonderful defensive game and Megan Slan, senior, played an aggressive game at the net with numerous blocks as well as kills assisted by Prather. The Lady Lions were able to defeat the Lady Mustangs for a second time this season, the score to the third match was 25-9.

  The Lady Lions hosted the Vandegrift Lady Vipers on Friday, October 11. The team played an aggressive game during the first match. Through errors from Vandegrift and a strong offensive team lead by Slan, the girls were able to secure a win out of the first match. The score to this victory was 25-20, Leander. The second match was oddly similar to the first. Hitters Reed and Autumn Lockley, junior, showed their skill gaining multiple points toward the final score. Slan still lead the team with 10 kills in this one match. The Lady Vipers fought a hard battle but fell short to the Lady Lions. The team won the second match 25-20. In the second match the Leander defense performed exceptionally well, giving the Lady Vipers only a few kills and aces. The girls played aggressively up at the net solidifying numerous blocks on Vandegrift. The final score was 25-14, giving the Leander Lady Lions another win for their district season.