Volleyball comes up short against Lady Rangers

Lady Lions take three sets into overtime


Austin Graham

Senior Callie Reed preparing for a serve. This is the standard stance in volleyball prior to the serve.

by Austin Graham, Assistant Editor

Volleyball went against Vista Ridge on Friday, October 1st. The freshman B team did not play due to Vista Ridge not having a B team.


Varsity won the first set going into overtime, but a player stated that they tired out through each following set. The first set came out to 30-28, second 16-25, third 19-25, and the fourth 20-25.

“At the very beginning of the game I think we came with a lot of fire and energy,” senior Amanda Patek said. “All sides of the wall, like defense and offense, we did really well. I think we played with a lot more heart and fire than we did last week.”

Junior Varsity

The JV team went into overtime in the third set similar to Varsity, but came out with a loss ending the game. The first set was 25-19, second 16-25 and third 24-26.

“We played really well together in the first set,” sophomore Mikaela Noe said. “The second game we didn’t have that will to win, and that really hurt us. We played the same way in the third set and eventually ended up losing because we got ourselves in this hole and we couldn’t come back up from it.”

Freshman A

The Freshman A team played into overtime in the first set as well and ended it with a win. The first set was 27-25, second 17-25 and third 12-25.

“We faced the difficulty of keeping the first win we had,” freshman Claire Imig said. “We needed to come out with confidence and the thought process of winning, but we gave up towards the end. We’ll get them next game for sure!”

The Lady Lions will play their next game tomorrow night October 6th. The girls will be playing against Dripping Springs on campus at 5:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

I think we played with a lot more heart and fire than we did last week.

— Amanda Patek