Volleyball serves up a win against Marble Falls

Varsity drops the Mustangs in three sets


Shilo Criswell

The Varsity volleyball team prepares to face Marble Falls.

by Caroline Cravens, Assistant Editor

The volleyball team dominated the court last night, winning three matches in a row against Marble Falls.

Marble Falls didn’t stand much of a chance during the first match and the game ended 25-8. The team had plenty of energy and kept it up throughout the whole game.

The second game was once again a definite win for the lady lions. Hype from the previous game kept the girls strong and they were able to win their match with a score of 25-10.

“I played very confident,” senior Paige Ellison said. “We just knew that we were going to win the game.We were really confident as a whole.”

Lastly, the girls finished off the night by winning their third match. The final score was 25-17. Throughout the three matches, Lockey had 10 kills, sophomore Ana Mirtsching had 10 assists, Ellison had 10 digs, and Senior Erica Lavin had 6 blocks.

“I had really good sets the whole time, and we have really good serve receives,” Lockey said. “So it was just a given to get good kills.”

The Lady Lions play Vandegrift in the Competition Gym on Friday, September 26 at 6:30 p.m.