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Hitting strikes

Bowling team works to improve in new season

by Kyle Gehman, Editor-In-Chief

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The bowling team, while it may not be the most well known sport team on campus, is active and rewarding.

“I love the fact that you can make a lot of new friends and it’s not as stressful of an environment,” sophomore Avery Teets said. “The people there are really nice.”

Every Friday the team that consists of all grades go and bowl at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes against other schools and the team is coached by a volunteer, coach Guillon.

I love the fact that you can make a lot of new friends and it’s not as stressful of an environment.”

— Avery Teets

“[I enjoy] getting the reward when new bowlers reach bowling goals and learn the correct form and enjoy bowling and helping others from my experience to keep the future of the sport alive,” Guillon said.

Besides being on the team and meeting other bowlers from different schools, it is also a chance to gain scholarship money.

“It’s super easy to get scholarship money,” Teets said. “I’ve only been bowling competitively for about 2 years and I just got $4,000 in scholarships this summer.”

According to Guillon, in the past years there have been a decrease in members, but he encourages students to join this year.

“Bowling is another way a student may earn a scholarship for further education,” Guillon said. “It’s a great overall exercise that uses almost every muscle in the body and is a social event where you get to meet, compete and have fun with other people.”

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Hitting strikes