District’s COVID-19 response

What the future holds for the district

by Rachel Oliver, Editor in Chief

Phase two of the district’s education plan aligning with local authority’s mandates to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will begin April 6. In addition, according to a Leander ISD insider released on March 30, GPA and class rank will not be calculated for the second semester of school so the suspension of normal school operations doesn’t potentially hurt students.

“It’s very surprising to see how little online school is being utilized, and how unsuccessful it is, mainly because teachers just aren’t having class, as I have been to only four classes in the past week,” IB junior Jacob Poulton said. “I think this will be a devastating blow to the junior class, and we have yet to see the true effects of the extended break.”

Previously suspended until April 5, the suspension has been extended until April 13. During this time, students can get breakfast and lunch at four LISD schools: Bagdad Elementary School, Reed Elementary School, River Place Elementary School and Running Brushy Middle School. So far, almost 17,000 students have been provided meals from the Child Nutrition Services.

For more information, Superintendent Bruce Gearing is holding regular information sessions through Facebook Live and updates are released through Leander ISD insiders and on their website.