I voted!

Hear what student voters have to say about the 2020 Presidential Primary election

by Ainsley Shaw, Reporter

Voters: Adison Roberts (12), Madison Pitman (12), Kaitlyn Wheeler (12)

Why did you choose to vote?

Adison: “I believe that not voting is a vote for whoever you do not want to be in power. Young people have the lowest voter turnout out of everyone and that is part of the reason that issues like college tuition are not taken care of.”

Madison: “Every vote counts, and I believe people who have the ability to vote and don’t, are not allowed to whine, or complain if they don’t agree with the results.”

Kaitlyn: “I wanted to be able to make my voice heard. I think it’s really important for younger people to get involved in politics and have an opinion for themselves.”

Which primary did you vote in?

Adison: Democratic

Madison: Republican

Kaitlyn: Democratic

Who did you vote for?

Adison: Bernie Sanders

Madison: Donald Trump

Kaitlyn: Bernie Sanders


Adison: “Bernie Sanders is the most ideal candidate for presidency in my opinion based on his views on things like immigration, education reform, equal rights, and increasing taxes on the higher bracket of people in the U.S..”

Madison: “I am a usual conservative in politics, and I feel of all the people in the race, although not being everyone’s favorite, Trump will, and has proven to do the most for our country. Would I want to hang out with him? No. I don’t care for him as an individual, but as a president, and businessman, he is smart and knows what he is doing. Our unemployment is at an all time low, and our economy is booming. He is bringing the money back to the American economy, helping our country. He is not a politician, so when he speaks it comes across as aggressive, but we don’t need another dirty politician in office. I also feel that he is right about the specific job equality views. It should not be “we need x amount of African Americans, or x amount of white people” that is not equality. It should be whoever is best fit for the job. That is equality, determining people’s talent not on the color of their skin, but their knowledge and hard work they are willing to put in.”

Kaitlyn: “I feel a lot of my political opinions fall in line really well with Bernie Sanders. I feel he’s someone who is genuinely passionate about making a change and cares a lot about the future of the country which is really important to me.”