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Lions face defeat against Rebels

JV loses home game against Hays

by Logan Griffin

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The Lions lost to the Hays Rebels 0-46 at AC Bible Stadium on Oct. 20. They also played Vandegrift with an end

Photo Courtesy of Jack Johnson

score of 6-48 on Oct. 12.


“[Hays] were huge,” sophomore Britton Weber said. “We lost, but we played hard through the game.”


The team could not stop the Rebels from scoring touchdowns effectively during the game.


“I would just say that we could have prepared better,” Weber said. “Other than that I think we did pretty good.”


The Lions struggled to break through the Rebels defense as the Rebels continued to disrupt the Lions offense.


“Most difficult thing was their defense,” sophomore Matthew McDaniel said. “They were blitzing off the edge with their outside backers.”


McDaniel and other players on the team feel like their main goal for the upcoming games towards the end of the season is to practice more and be better prepared.


“I think we were all kind of off that game all around,” McDaniel said. “I know we all could play better than that. I think we will come more prepared next time.”


Lions will play Lake Travis on Oct. 26th at 7:30 PM at Bible Stadium.


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Lions face defeat against Rebels