New Years Upkeep

How to keep your New year’s resolution

by Arie Shaver, Staffer

Make a plus delta

Before setting a new year’s resolution for yourself, making a pros and cons list can help you to decide which goals you can aim for and which ones to toss to the curb.

Make a calendar

Keeping track of your progress can encourage you to carry out your goal and attain it easier and faster. Small accomplishments can motivate you to keep going; if your goal is to lose 30 pounds, and you see that you lost 2 pounds in the first week then you feel more motivated to keep going.

Start small

When trying to attain your new year’s goal, it’s best to start small. If your goal is to get organized for the new year, then start with organizing one room first. This will help build your motivation and will allow you to eventually push yourself into reaching your goal of organizing your entire house.

Remain positive

It is good to keep a positive attitude when trying to reach your goal. When you tell yourself that you can accomplish something and you set your mind to doing it then you will be able to succeed. Imagine yourself achieving your goal and make it happen. This will keep your head in the right place and will allow you to have self-motivation.

Let people know

One of the best ways to keep your new year’s resolution is to seek support from family and friends. Let them know what your goal is for the new year and how they can help you reach it.  If you tell your mom that you don’t want to eat sweets, she will make sure she doesn’t buy you any and she will constantly remind you that you shouldn’t be eating sweets. Go moms! Amirite?