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  • New Brand for LISD

    New Brand for LISD

    by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

    Superintendent Dr. Bret Champion released a video on the Leander ISD website explaining the "new brand" for the district in late December, starting the new year with a fresh, new look. In the video, Champion explains what a brand is. "Essentially, a brand is a promise," Champion said. "It's the way an organization wants to be thought of, how an organization is differentiated." He also explains... READ MORE »»

    A screen cap from the Leander ISD Website

    Photo Credit Siandhara Bonnet

  • Selma


    by Siandhara Bonnet, Editor-in-Chief

    In History classes, we learn about the battles for equality and desegregation, and with the advancement of technology, we have been able to actually see portions of what we read in textbooks. With the release of Selma on January 9, people are able to see a recreation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s campaign to gain voting rights in Selma, Alabama. The movie, directed by Ava DuVernay, begins... READ MORE »»

    "Selma" Movie Poster HD Wallpaper

    Photo Credit Stylish HD Wallpapers

  • Charlie Hebdo update: 18-year-old suspect surrenders, 2 remain at large

    Charlie Hebdo update: 18-year-old suspect surrenders, 2 remain at large

    by Claire Kyllonen, Assistant Editor

    The youngest suspect of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack turned himself in to French police, while the other two suspects remain in hiding. It is suspected their trail runs through northern France. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve told reporters that France's highest terror alert has now been extended to the northern Picardie region, as it is highly possible the remaining suspects could be using... READ MORE »»

    #JeSuisCharlie or 'I am Charlie' in French is trending on Twitter to express condolences for those who died in the Charlie Hebdo attack.

    Photo Credit Claire Kyllonen


Earth-like Planets Discovered Orbiting a Nearby Star

by Laynie Duplantis , Staff Writer

Eight new worlds beyond our solar system have been discovered by the Kepler spacecraft. The Kepler spacecraft has confirmed 1,004 planets, which includes two of the most Earth-like planets so far. Each new world is less than 2.7 times the size of Earth. Kepler's eight newly confirmed planets are all...  Read More »

January 19, 2015

Pancakes and other various foods will be at the all-you-can-eat breakfast

Tennis Hosts All-You-Can-Eat-Pancake Breakfast

The Tennis...  Read More »

The poster for the musical designed by  Jermey McNair

Annual Musical Takes the Stage

The theatre department will be performing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying...  Read More »

Students are welcome to make pies for the pie social.

Fundraising Through Pie

Smashing a pie into someone's face is something dreamed about that's always seen in cartoons and comedies...  Read More »

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Inside the Lion’s Den

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Featured Sports

Super Bowl countdown

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl is a mere 3 days away and millions of fans all across the world are gearing up. The Seattle Seahawks will try to defend their title against the New England Patriots. This Super Bowl though,...  Read More »

January 29, 2015 • 0 comments

Sophomore Hannah Faubion broke her foot during a practice and now has to wear a boot.

In the Locker Room: Living With Injuries

Being a student athlete takes a lot of time and energy, and sometimes it takes more than expected. Numerous...  Read More »


In the Locker Room: Pre-Season Boys Soccer

January is just around the corner, and with that comes soccer season. Thus far, both soccer teams have...  Read More »

Cross Country sign given by the boosters

In the Locker Room: Cross Country Outruns the Competition

With all of the fall sports coming to a close, students congratulate the athletes for showing Lion...  Read More »

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Texas Shuts Down State Schools

Texas Shuts Down State Schools

by Gigi Allen, Staff Writer

Texas has been addressing their status on state schools, facilities that specialize in taking care of the needs of disabled individuals. Recently there has been a push to shut down state sponsored facilities and private communities and moving the disabled children into group homes. Sure Texas will...  Read More »

January 11, 2015 • Comments Off

Medical Marijuana Madness

Medical Marijuana Madness

by Austin Graham, Staff Writer

In the United States, only 23 of the 50 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use. Marijuana is known to treat symptoms of epilepsy, insomnia, chronic pain, and many more health issues that are thriving in the U.S. Marijuana is known to be the best cure for epilepsy in the medical field. ...  Read More »

January 10, 2015 • Comments Off

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Weekly List

Weekly list: 2015 Back to the Future, we still don’t have…

Weekly list: 2015 Back to the Future, we still don’t have…

by Matthew Grissom, Staff writer

What item or change would you want in Back to the Future part 2? Hover board- The most iconic item in the movie, the Hover board allows people to skate around in the air and escape from bullies. The sports almanac- This book contain every sports win from 1950-2000. It would be...  Read More »

January 12, 2015 • Comments Off

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Weather

Top 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Weather

by Jack Densmore, Staff Writer

Oh, the weather outside is--COLD. Stay warm by using these top 10 ways to beat the cold weather! 1. BIG JACKETS Little hoodies are often cool to wear, but they aren't that great at keeping you warm. Leather jackets and bigger coats are more favored to keep you nice and toasty! 2....  Read More »

January 10, 2015 • Comments Off

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