National Poetry Month: Indifference


Lyn Cheely

“You dared to have expectations of these people! As friends, as lovers, and as the trustworthy amidst a different crowd of liars…”

Everyone who surrounds you is distant
You’re watching from vacant, unseeing eyes
As personalities, as people, collide
To you there was once chaos…
Constant tremors of a worldly battle,
Shaking even the strongest of wills
Breaking even the coldest of hearts…
That was, until you broke away from the crowd.
Then there was nothing,
Nothing that wasn’t allowed
Suddenly, the possibilities were endless,
The probabilities and chances increased exponentially
Of anything and everything happening…

There was drama, there was fighting
Actions were rash, words exchanged were harsh
Morality and feelings had no significance
The masses were unforgiving of even the slightest error
Nor did they care for the differences that set some aside from the rest.
There was nothing deemed ‘righteous’ to anyone at all.

But this was what eventually became accepted as ‘normal’,
Could you imagine that? Normal!
All despite the fact that this crowd,
This mass of supposedly all-knowing people,
Was in truth a mass of hypocrisy!

Composed of the loners,
The heartless, empty, cruel, or suffering
All of whom grew up knowing not Good around them
And were as far from the true ‘Normal’
As could possibly be.

And yet, you dared to have expectations of these people!
As friends, as lovers, and as the trustworthy
Amidst a different crowd of liars
And you deluded yourself into thinking that was alright.

Nah, it wasn’t.
It wasn’t right.
If you were to define true normality,
You would say it was composed of those who were the most creative,
The most daring, the most caring,
And above all, the most Insane.
To trust those outside of the true normal?
A sick joke.

You were just a living pawn to them,
Allowed to remain in their shadows only to lead them…
To what they wanted the most.
Nothing more.

Of course, when you grew hurt and fragile
You decided sinking away was your best option
(The most attention-seeking option; ironic, isn’t it?)
(Hiding away to be noticed?)
The “‘Only!'” Option

And you begged for pity, forgiveness, love
Feigned pain, ignorance, and pure benevolence
While claiming you wanted nothing more but hatred!

What were you but a fool,
“Destined” to be no more than the “trash” of this society?
You had your chance to work your way up the ranks
Did you not?
You had your chance to grow a heart of worth,
But instead you receded into the dark
And now you are forgotten.
A Stranger.
Now, you are no one at all.
Is that what you really wanted?