Weekly poem: Move


Austin Graham

Shifting through the phases of life to get to the next point. As we travel, we must keep our spirits high.

Original poems by Austin Graham
I move,
Physically from one point
To another.

I move,
Mentally from one to state of mind
To a different one.

I move,
Swiftly through the jungle
That we call life,
And it all seems to happen
So fast.

It’s partially because
The world is spinning
Every second we are on it.

Even when you think
You’re just sitting at your desk,
Or laying in bed, you’re moving
At 1,000 miles per an hour.

So physically,
We’re moving through life at a fast pace.
In one year of your life,
Through just being on the Earth,
You travel 585.6 million miles.

Mentally, we have made time
Into something it is not.
It can not be reduced to seconds,
Because it is infinite.

Whenever you set a timer,
It goes off, but
Time itself does not stop.

So we see ourselves,
Moving through life and aging,
And blame time for it,
While it’s really because of life.

So we continue on this journey,
Moving whether we choose to,
Or not,
And we must remember:

Life will end,
Time will not,
And from the day we’re born,
To the day we die,
We move, because that’s what we have to do.