Weekly list: 2015 Back to the Future, we still don’t have…


by Matthew Grissom, Staff writer

What item or change would you want in Back to the Future part 2?

  1. Hover board- The most iconic item in the movie, the Hover board allows people to skate around in the air and escape from bullies.
  2. The sports almanac- This book contain every sports win from 1950-2000. It would be a fortune in the 80’s, but its 2015 so it’s kind of late.
  3. Flying car-With this car, we don’t need to worry about traffic anymore and it runs on ordinary gasoline.
  4. Marty’s Nikes-These shoes are so cool that they literally tie themselves or lace themselves on.
  5. Marty’s hat- This hat is totally in fashion during the time and it belongs to Marty’s son, Marty JR.
  6. No lawyers- If, for some case, you don’t like lawyers, then the future is looking bright for you.
  7. Accurate weather system- Right on the tick accuracy and you’ll never have to worry about weather ever again.
  8. The Chicago Cubs winning the world series- One of the world’s least likely teams pull through and wins the World Series. Who would have thought?