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Matthew Grissom

Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

Guess who’s back more ready then ever? Matthew Grissom returns to the Leander High Newspaper staff and plans to publish twice as many stories as last year. I like playing, watching, and discussing baseball with my dad and my twin brother, Mark.

I’m a huge movie buff and will pretty much watch anything like action, drama, horror, or even animated. My favorite movies are Empire Strikes Back, Predator, Lonesome Dove (it counts!), Guardians of the Galaxy, The Dark Knight and all of the Toy Story movies.

My favorite sport is baseball and my favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Texas Rangers. I am in the Leander Rotary Club and I help with the football field whenever I can. I can’t wait to try new things this year and you can expect more movie reviews out of me like Army of Darkness, Ant-Man, Batman V Superman, suicide squad, and Arkham Knight.

Go Lions Baseball and Football!!!


All content by Matthew Grissom
Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool costume. People see it through out the entire movie.

Movie Review: Deadpool

February 17, 2016
Curtis Jones in his classroom teaching AVID. He is also one of the Girls basketball coaches.

AVID’s new coach

February 3, 2016
Junior Tevdore Mozaidze in front of his math class. He is from the country of Georgia, a very small country in western Europe and western Asia.

From across the world

January 7, 2016
The entrance to Austin Comic Con. The convention took place on Oct. 30 and 31.

A great experience

November 5, 2015
Sophomore Rey Montez scores for the Red team. This is Montez’s second touchdown in a row.

Battling the Rangers

October 31, 2015
Halloween is celebrated by wearing costumes and handing out free candy. It is also celebrated with movies, TV shows, and books.

Top 10 scary monsters

October 30, 2015
Sophomore Ivan Ayub catching a pass from sophomore Josh Rude. The Red team is 4-4 this season so far with two games left.

Sweeping the Patriots

October 26, 2015
Sophomore Red quarterback Josh Rude getting the ball snapped to him. Rude played quarterback for the first time this year as he usually plays tight end.

JV defeats Marble Falls

October 18, 2015
Coach Pleasant is the offensive coordinator for the varsity football team.

Dustin Pleasant

October 8, 2015
Coach Washington coaches softball, and boys basketball.

Bradley Washington

October 8, 2015
Mr. Cano has a degree in English.

Ruben Cano

October 8, 2015
Mrs. Molina has taught for 16 years.

Maria Molina

October 8, 2015
Mrs. Riba teaches English 3 AP, and English 1.

Stephanie Ribas

October 8, 2015
Mrs. Germany (right) with LHS alumna Makenna Williams (middle) and Mrs. Garcia (left) standing next to the tunnel. The football team runs out of the tunnel before every half of the game.

Mane Force sets up

September 29, 2015
Running back sophomore Lukas Boeck runs in for a touchdown. The touchdown put the Lions ahead for the first time of the night.

Taking on the Vipers

September 25, 2015
The O-Line warms up before the Killeen game.

In the trenches

September 23, 2015
Sophomore Riley Harkleroad rushes Rouse’s quarterback. The Blue team defensive line fights against Rouse and only allowing 17 points all game.

Red, Blue teams face Rouse

September 16, 2015
Mark Grissom outside during the start of Summer Vacation.

Son of a coach

June 3, 2015
The Flash Review

The Flash Review

April 9, 2015
HOSA Hosts Blood Drive

HOSA Hosts Blood Drive

February 24, 2015

Super Bowl countdown

January 29, 2015
HOSA is on the move

HOSA is on the move

January 14, 2015
Ant Man Trailer Reveiw

Ant Man Trailer Reveiw

January 14, 2015
ASL T-shirts

ASL T-shirts

December 17, 2014
Top 10 Christmas Movies

Top 10 Christmas Movies

December 5, 2014
Freshman Blue team faces off against the Vandegrift Vipers.

JV faces Vista Ridge

November 6, 2014
Batman With the Joker. Even though (spoiler alert) Joker died in the last game.

Marvel vs DC

October 28, 2014
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