Video Game Review: Batman: Arkham Knight



Batman With the Joker. Even though (spoiler alert) Joker died in the last game.

The Batman Arkham series is arguably one of the most popular superhero games ever made. The first two games, asylum and City are both really good and Arkham City was one of the most popular games of the year. I would give Asylum a 3 out of 5 and I’ll give Arkham City a perfect 5 out of 5. The last game of the series, Arkham Knight is probably the most controversial game of the bunch, besides Arkham Origins, that game was terrible. This game was also very hyped due to it being the last game in the series. Rocksteady put everything they had into it and did it pay off or was it a bust?

  The player play as Batman (Kevin Conroy) As the villain scarecrow (John Noble) threatens to poison Gotham City with his fear toxins.  To make matters worse, a new rogue named the Arkham Knight has arrived to Gotham and has a personal vendetta against Batman. The dark Knight must use all of his strength and intelligence to defeat all the villains and save Gotham City. With the help from Alfred, Robin, Nightwing, and so many more, players are sure to have a good time. The story is very intriguing with many times that it had me on the edge of my seat. The only thing wrong with the story is probably the Arkham Knight. At first the mystery behind who his the Arkham Knight very hard to predict, but when a certain scene happens, it’s really obvious. It’s the biggest reveal in the game and it’s a total let down. *besides that, the story, characters, and the one plot twist at the beginning of the game are really awesome.

  The game plays almost the exact same way the past games have with more gadgets for batman to use like the voice modifier, able to copy other people’s voices to confuse enemies. The biggest tool under batman’s disposal is the Batmobile. While people have been despising the car, I  think it’s fun at first, but it becomes extremely repetitive as soon you realise its a giant tank and you fight other tanks. The whole idea of it being a tank is stupid. I mean, Batman hates guns so the fact that he has 2 machine guns and 20 rockets launchers on the thing is really pushing it. You can even fire at people and what’s the games excuse? It switches to rubber rounds at the very last minute. I don’t care if your flippin the strongest person in Gotham, if a tank shot you, that bullet would go straight through you and kill you. Even so, it’s still fun to drive around in and it’s pretty fun and easy to control.  

 *The final verdict for Batman Arkham Knight is a 3 out of 5. The game is a very solid addition to the franchise and a really good way to end the story. *The game play is the same as it’s always been and all of your favorite characters are back in rocksteady’s final installment of the Arkham series.

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