Baseball booster club hosts community craft market

Baseball players help out with annual craft market


Jenna Abadie

One of the many vendors at the Craft Market. The craft market is held by the baseball booster club.

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The baseball booster club every November holds the annual craft market. The craft market is always held the weekend before Thanksgiving break starts and this year it was held on Saturday, November 21. The craft market was a huge success this year with having 160 vendors and it was a financial success, according to head of the craft market Sharla Roberts.

“They were all a massive help and the craft market wouldn’t be a success without them,” Roberts said.

Every year the baseball team volunteers to help vendors move their stuff in and out the gyms where the market was taking place. Baseball players stayed at the school and left at midnight. They also had to wake up at 5:45 and move more boxes and crates until all the vendors had to leave at 4:30 that same day. The team all received positive comments from parents, shoppers, and people all around. Most of the vendors sold items that evolved around the holidays like Christmas ornaments and decorations around the house. They had also had lots of sports items and so many foods to choose from. Hundreds of people come to support the booster club. The school’s craft market is actually the biggest craft markets in all of LISD, according to another head of the craft market Heather Grissom. 

Our success comes from our vendors.

— Heather Grissom

“Our success comes from our vendors,” Grissom said. “We have such a huge variety of people that come every year and they are all very nice. We receive so many comments from customers and the vendors themselves about how awesome the craft market really is.”