Is Hollywood original anymore?

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

With so many remakes coming out this year like Poltergeist, Fantastic Four, Cinderella, and Star Wars, people are gearing up for a good year of films. While I am exited for a lot of theses movies, nothing is coming out that is original.

To give them credit, Star Wars and Avengers 2 is counting the story that they have been building up for years. While people would consider this not original, I give it a pass because a sequel like Avengers is always treated with mass amounts of effort and care to not disappoint the fans that watch it. While I heard Cinderella was great and I am eventually going to see it, everyone has already seen the movie while it was a cartoon. That was made over 50 years ago. The only reason why this is sort of original is the way the movie is shown. It’s trying to show kids more of a new way to show this classic tale. It really doesn’t help with movies like Poltergeist just trying to tell a story that was told only about 15 years ago. Movies like that have no reasons coming out. The only reason why Hollywood is making movies like this is for one reason, money. They know if you slap on something popular or something people watch because it brings them back as a child like Predator, Batman, or even Cinderella, people will automatically go and see it.

Hollywood needs to do more things that are original because eventually, people will get tired of the same thing. They should make a movie like Birdman. Not only was that funny and well acted, it gave us something new and fresh, proving you don’t always have to do what is popular.