HOSA is on the move


by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

HOSA has big plans for everyone this year. To name a few there’s the blood drive, Pasta for Pennies, and Area One competition.

First HOSA is planning on a blood drive on February 25 this year. They will be donating all the blood they collected to 37 medical facilities in ten counties all around central Texas. They will be taking 1 cup of blood from each person. You have to be at least 17 years old and have proof of your age, and you are required to eat something before you donate. They will be offering snacks afterwards, so you can get your blood pressure up.

“I feel like this is a great thing the community can do to help people in need,” junior Tony Ross said

The next big thing that they are planning to do is Pasta for Pennies. This is where they ask for pennies from faculty, staff, and students to fight the disease Leukemia. If we are the number one school in the district, then the group will get free tickets to a Spears game.

“Its a great way to participate in HOSA and help people that have this disease,” senior Abby Gregorio said.

The last thing is district. HOSA will be bringing 13 kids to district to represent in the Area One HOSA Competition. The competition is scheduled on February 27-28. Senior Abby Gregorio is trying out for physical therapy, and junior Tony Ross is trying put for state office.

“A lot to bring to competition,” Junior Tony Ross said. “I hope to represent Leander High school and start a brand new chapter in Texas.”