AP test scores improve, camp starts for next year



Advanced Placement classes have summer assignments that students are also required to do. AP classes include classes such as U.S. History, Biology, Geometry, English, and many more classes.

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

While most students are out on the lake, traveling to the beach or working extra hours at their summer jobs, some students are at school already. Students are preparing for the upcoming year and working hard too.  AP tests are given every spring for courses such as Human Geography and Language Arts.

They put students to the test with everything they have learned that year and if they pass, they can earn college credit. All around the country, students have been preparing for the tests, going to summer camps and being taught by tutors. Human Geography is unique because it’s the only AP course currently offered to freshmen. English and other core subject tests begin at the pre-AP level for freshmen.

“I’m having a lot of fun at this camp,” freshman Julia Cheeseburgh said. “I just know that if I do what my teacher tells me to do, I’ll pass and I feel like I’ll be ready next year.”

Most of the students feel like if they stay on this track, they will have no problem passing the test at the end of the school year.  Also, it’s not only the freshman who are working hard, but the rest of the school too.

This year, sophomores through seniors test scores were considered by the district to be above average and the passing percentage went up by 4%. 640 Human Geography tests were administered to freshman students during the entire school last year.

“It’s a huge challenge but it pays off,” Dean of Instruction and head of AP testing Shandalyn Porter said. “You’re really doing college courses in high school.”

Teachers who teach these classes are very proud of their students for improving the schools overall score and can’t wait to improve the scores even more next year.