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Garrett Gage

Garrett Gage, Staff Writer

Hello all you people staring into the bright screens of your computer late at night, my name is Garrett Gage, also known as Agent G from the hit new webseries The Fountain. I use organized chaos, everything is everywhere but I can easily find what I’m looking for. For the most part.

If I somehow had a movie made after me, my dream actor to be me would be Nicolas Cage, forever and always. One important thing I’ve learned is that you are more often than not going to fail on your first try, and that’s okay.

A character I most connect with would have to be Junpei Irori from Persona 3. He’s a guy who cracks jokes for the most part and has a gigantic love for video games, but he can be serious when needed. Honestly, I’m most happy when I make people laugh which is why I always try my hardest to be funny even when at times it doesn’t pan out.

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Garrett Gage