Top 10 Twilight Zone episodes

You are traveling through another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.

Garrett Gage

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Of any television show, few have stood the test of time quite like the Twilight Zone. Not only does it have an amazing cast and a charismatic host, but it also hits hard with it’s social commentary that still cuts today. Here is a list of my personal favorite episodes from this fantastic series.

10. A Penny for Your Thoughts
This is a funny and overwhelmingly charming episode that teaches the lesson of what people are thinking of doing or the idea that what they are saying may not always be the truth.

9. Death’s Head Revisited
This is one of Twilight Zone’s darkest, and with it a message that only Rod Serling himself should present to you all when it ends.

8. The Silence
The episode is about a simple bet of keeping quiet for a year for $500,000, but ends with a twist that is perfect for the Twilight Zone name.

7. Shadow Play
You can’t have a Twilight Zone list without at least one bizarre episode and this is it. In this one a man by the name of Adam Grant is slated for execution and he tries to tell those around him that this is all a recurring nightmare, with them refusing to believe him. It’s as interesting as it is bizarre and definitely a must watch.

6. Kick the Can
The episode is heartfelt though ends a bit sadly, as it’s twist gets home the message of being old doesn’t always mean you’re old.

5. One for the Angels
Death approaches a man named Lou Bookman and tells him he is to die at midnight, so Lou makes a deal with him in order to make the greatest pitch he could ever make. Since it’s the Twilight Zone, things never go as planned and the episode ends on a happy note, along with an interesting twist I dare not spoil.

4. Walking Distance
The premise for Walking Distance is a man revisiting his childhood home, but it also tackles the idea of nostalgia and it’s potential problems in it’s usual Twilight Zone way. This is regarded as one of the best episodes and it’s clear to see why.

3. The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
A power outage happens in Maple Street and with it, the minds of the residences slowly dwindle. The episode has shown up on many “best of: lists and with the power of the message along with the astonishing acting, it makes sense.

2. Eye of the Beholder
It follows a girl who is undergoing surgery to look “normal.” We do not see her face until the end as it is covered in bandages, and the doctors and nurses are obscured in darkness, helping the mystery and suspense. The theme is in the name of the episode and the twist is one that is unforgettable.

1. Night of the Meek
The main character is a drunken mall santa who gets fired and when he starts heading home, he finds a bag filled with presents and since he is dressed up like Old Saint Nick, he decides to deliver said presents. That is all I am giving out, as the twist is too heartwarming to give up.