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A man who runs “Ford”ward

Nick Ford explains his time as a part of the cross country team

January 28, 2016


Garrett Gage

Man of the hour Nick Ford. He is a senior and is taking a part of cross country and band.

Running is something that humans do just about every day of their lives. It helps get from Point A to Point B quicker for when people don’t have other modes of transportation. For some people, running isn’t just a tool for faster travel, it’s a hobby.

Nick Ford is a senior who has been a part of cross country since seventh grade, making it roughly five or six years. During their practice, the Cross Country team has a very specific warm ups that they do to start the day right.

“Twenty minutes of stretching and forty five minutes to an hour of running and then a group break at the end.” Ford said.

Cross Country does a decent amount of runs/warm ups during the time they have together. Ford talked about one of the things he likes.

“[I like] that we run in the morning,” Ford said. “It’s nice to get up early and gives me an excuse instead of sleeping in.”

With cross country, most students must juggle the difficulty of high school on top of other extra curricular activities like band, choir, and clubs. For Ford, it’s no hassle.

“It’s early in the morning and all the meets are on Saturday,” Ford said.

Ford has been in runs such as the Beach to Bay Run and the Corpus Christi Run, but has one favorite run in particular.

“The adventure run [is my favorite],” Ford said. “We go into the wooded area off Osage and we ran down the hills and around the woods.”

Most students make sure to stay in shape during the off season like musicians practicing their instruments or football players lifting weights. Ford is not like most of those athletes, in fact he goes against the grain.

“I don’t run,” Ford said. “Off season is my down time between seasons.”

With his years in Cross Country running by, Ford runs back to them and looks at how he evolved throughout them.

“[I was] more motivated in past years,” Ford said. “I went from hard work to enjoyment in later years.”

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