Tennis faces loss, place well in tournament

Tennis loses to Taylor HS with a score of 2-7, end up placing well at Pflugerville tournament


Lauren Pohl

Sophomore Isabel Vargas hitting a tennis ball to the opposing side. The Lions lost 2-6 against Taylor.

The tennis team lost a hard fought game on January 21st against Taylor High School with a score of 2-7. Last week, they participated in a tournament at Pflugerville and got relatively high placements. Seniors Joseph Rexrode and Luis Farias came in at 7th place in the Boys Doubles Division A. Rexrode explained his feelings of the placement.

“Well it always feels good to at least place this well at a tournament, so needless to say, it was definitely a positive result,” Rexrode said.

He also described the opponents he and Farias faced that day.

“Our first and third round opponents weren’t super difficult, but our second round opponents, Westwood, were very solid players,” Rexrode said. “We had a very competitive match that I believe everyone enjoyed regardless of the outcome.”

Some students achieved even higher, like juniors Alexandra Nandin and Natalie Garner coming in at fifth place in the Girls Doubles Division B. Garner shared what it felt to make it into the top five of this tournament. 

We had a very competitive match that I believe everyone enjoyed regardless of the outcome.

— Joseph Rexrode

“It feels pretty good,” Garner said. “Some people are more competitive, but for me being in the top ten is better than last. Just placing makes me feel good.”

However, Garner still thinks there is room to improve.

“Being more coordinated as doubles partners,” Garner said. “Better communication so you know what your partner is doing.”

The lions will be going up to Georgetown to participate in their tournament on the 12th of February at 4:00.