The Fountain ends season two with marathon

Creator of The Fountain Colton White shares his thoughts on the season two marathon and the show as a whole.


Colton White

Part of the poster that was created by Colton White for the marathon.

by Garrett Gage, Staff Writer

Applause, sadness, and a whole lot of laughing. On Sunday December 4, senior Colton White showed the entire season two of his webseries titled The Fountain, ending with the never before seen finale. He shared his thoughts on creating the event.

“We planned the event by clearing things with teachers and then seeing what would and wouldn’t work,” White said. “We had to cooperate with our fans and the school to see what could and could not work. In the end I feel like we got a great situation and were able to show a great premiere.”

He also explained why he loved working on a second season.

“The best part about being part of The Fountain production is to me, the idea that we can get so many people together that are so inspired to do something,” White said. “It doesn’t matter to me that it’s a seemingly pointless project we put time into, but more that there are people who actually care about this project. We all want to create the most exciting thing we can and I think the mesh of ideas is what makes The Fountain truly unique.”

We all want to create the most exciting thing we can and I think the mesh of ideas is what makes The Fountain truly unique.”

— Colton White

Junior Daniel Parra, an actor for The Fountain, talked about how he became involved with it.

“I became involved fairly early on in season one. I was originally supposed to be in episode three as per request of Colton White on season one, but due to scheduling conflicts I couldn’t make it.” Parra said. “I ended up being in episode four leading to the inception of my character.”

He also had his own reasoning for liking The Fountain.

“I enjoy it simply because it allows me to be creative throughout and it’s just fun to be able to act ridiculous alongside your friends.” Parra said.

There is still a second semester around the corner, and with that means more of The Fountain. Whether it will be a season three, movie, or neither is unclear, but keep those eyes open in the meantime.

One of the students that viewed the marathon, sophomore Adrian Trevino shared his opinion the series.

“I like The Fountain because it’s not trying to be serious, it’s just some guys having fun.” Trevino said. “I also went to the marathon because I wanted to support my friends, plus the finale was pretty dope.”