Baseball is at it again


Ella Taurins

The Lions doing the national anthem before the game. Waiting in line are seniors Joel Miller, Cameron Castillo, Jason McCall and Parker McCoy.

by Matthew Grissom, Staff Writer

The baseball team is at it again, this time against Marble Falls. The games were played last Tuesday and Friday. After two games, the Lions came out on top twice.

The first game was played on last Tuesday night at home. The final score was 4-1 with the Lions taking the win. The Lions were led by senior Cameron Castillo who was on the bump that night. Pitching the entire game, Castillo didn’t walk any of the Mustangs and gave the Lions a good chance to put runs on the board without being pressured the entire night. Standout performances through the night came from senior Isaiah Martinez, junior Seth Venner and junior JJ Larson.

“With this win, we have come even more close to guarantee us a playoff spot,” senior Jacob Potter said. “We still have quite a way to go however, but I know we can do it.’

The second game was played at Marble Falls with the Lions taking the victory home with the final score being 3-0. Senior Joel Miller pitched the game with EJ Olivo and senior Seth Minter making key plays to guarantee the victory for the Lions throughout the entire night. Senior Cameron Castillo having two 2 RBIs and limiting strikeouts through the entire night. 

With this win, we have come even more close to guarantee us a playoff spot.

— Jacob Potter

“Our pitching and limiting how many times we strikeout is the reason why we have been playing so well this past few weeks.” Head Coach Matt Grissom said. “I have seen massive improvement from the team and I can’t wait to see what they do next week against East View.”

The Lions play Eat View on Tuesday and Friday night at 7 P.M. The first game will be played at home and then the next game will be played away. Come and support the varsity as they fight for a playoff spot this year.